About us

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We live on a farm outside of Pretoria and share our home with 7 dogs, 2 cats, a whole bunch of peacocks, a white porcupine, a few steenbokkies, lots of monkeys and a host of wild birds.
Regular visitors to our home know better than to walk around barefoot as they are guaranteed to find shards of glass left behind by Cher’s latest mosaic project. We discovered mosaic when we wanted to make ashtrays for the outside jacuzzi – and an addiction was born.

The studio

No, Ian does not mosaic but is the support and most important quality control aspect of the team. He claims he is not an artist, but the scientist in him can spot something not quite right a mile away!!! When the lounge, dining room and spare bedroom became too small to cope with the large volume of mosaic paraphernalia and students attending mosaic classes, Ian built on an additional wood structure which now houses the studio.

In 2009 we assisted with the launch of the Mosaic Association of South Africa which now have in excess of 350 members from around South Africa and the world. We are proud founder members of the Association and look forward to its growth and future achievements. Cher served as President and loves meeting the wonderful people introduced through the organisation.

Mosaic 150 Entrance Board

Mosaic 150 Entrance Board

We have received a number of awards for our work and have been involved in popular craft shows in Pretoria and Johannesburg like “Keen on Crafts” and “In2Crafts@Hobby-X” where Cher presented mosaic classes. Cher still teaches mosaic but now concentrates on projects for individuals instead of group beginner classes, preferring the creative flow generated by one enthusiastic individual.

During mid-2012, Cher added building websites to her creative portfoli0 and her main clients are mosaic related stores where her understanding of the products and application makes it easy for her to display her clients on the internet.

Pop out and see us sometime – we would love to meet you and discuss your mosaic/website/secretarial requirements.

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May 2015